Slowing Down and Opening Up to God's Spirit with Dan Hamel
- Expositors CollectiveOctober 10, 2023x
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Slowing Down and Opening Up to God's Spirit with Dan Hamel

Dan Hamel joins Mike to speak about an important lesson that he learned through his wife's critique, the importance of dining room tables and living room conversations, as well as the sorts of stories that he includes in his 100+ page document of potential sermon illustrations. They discuss Billy Eilish's critique of pornography and the importance of precision in sermon delivery. Dan also speaks about homiletics and gives a preview of his session that he will be delivering at the Expositors Collective training event that his church is hosting. 

Dan will be a speaker at  our next in-person Training Weekend for men and women of all ages at The Creek Church in Indianapolis, Indiana!

In this interactive seminar, attendees will learn from experienced practitioners from the stage and meet in groups and build ongoing relationships with coaches and mentors who want to help you grow in your personal study and public proclamation of God's Word.

The Creek Church

Indianapolis, Indiana

October 27-28, 2023

About Dan: 

 I was born and raised out west—in Oregon, Nevada, and Colorado. As a teenager I sensed God call me into ministry. I followed that call and never looked back. Serving the Lord as a pastor is such an incredible joy and privilege. I love to pray, teach God’s word, and connect with people in a way that helps them grow in their relationship with Jesus. I have served at The Creek since 2017 and absolutely love this church family! I am so inspired by our church’s passion for God’s presence and commitment to transform our community with the love of Jesus. God has blessed me with an incredible wife (Keren) and the most precious children in the world (Hudson, Addie, & Luke). Our family is so honored to serve The Creek, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Resources Mentioned: 

Here is the sermon on Colossians 3 that Mike and Dan discuss (including the Billy Eilish quote) 

Examen Prayer:

“I have a conviction that no sermon is ready for preaching, not ready for writing out, until we can express its theme in a short, pregnant sentence as clear as a crystal.” - Haddon Robinson

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