How to Watch "Pinocchio (2022)" (As A Christian)
How to Watch A Movie (As A Christian)September 16, 2022x
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How to Watch "Pinocchio (2022)" (As A Christian)

So, Disney Plus just released ANOTHER remake of a classic cartoon—this time, Pinocchio. It's no secret that we have not been big fans of the remakes, as they often rob the soul, remove the color, and miss the point of their originals. But this doesn't mean they have NO merit to them. On this episode, PJ, Riley, and Ben examine the 2022 version of "Pinocchio," which is based on the cartoon, which is based on the book. How does it stack up? Does this one get the point of the original story?

We begin with the question, "What's the point of this movie?" which is a great place to start, especially with fairy tales such as Pinocchio. Every story has a purpose. So what's the point of 2022's Pinocchio?