How to Watch "The Dark Knight" (As A Christian)
How to Watch A Movie (As A Christian)September 23, 2022x
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How to Watch "The Dark Knight" (As A Christian)

Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" is one of the most beloved movies ever made, landing on top 10 lists everywhere. What makes it so great? Is it the story, or the action, or the plot, or the music? Or, like many claim, is it the Joker?

No doubt Heath Ledger's iconic performance as Gotham's clown will go down in history as one of the greatest portrayals of all time. But at the time of this movie's release, it was controversial--because it seemed to be glorifying evil. This Joker was different because he was logical, motivated, and dare we say, relatable?

We look at "The Dark Knight" from a Christian perspective by asking a question that opens up a whole ton of discussion: "Can a villain be a main character?"