Episode 90: Author William Daniel on the Value of Humor
In No Hurry with Cole Douglas ClaybournMarch 06, 2023x
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Episode 90: Author William Daniel on the Value of Humor

The last few years have been really hard for everyone. I don't know about you, but I've very much appreciated the times I've been able to laugh. Humor and laughter have some serious healing powers, and this week, my guest knows all about how to make people laugh.

William Daniel joins me to talk about his new book, "You're Joking Me: Jokes For Kids By a Kid." The book contains over 100 pages of clean, clever and punny jokes that William spent nearly two years writing. He's just a seventh grader, which makes him the youngest guest to ever appear on the show! We talked all about being an author, balancing writing with school work and other hobbies, and why humor and laughter are so important.

I'm so impressed by William! When I was his age, I did well just to construct a coherent AIM Away Message, but here he is writing a whole book with a second one in the works. Be sure to check out his book and give him a follow on Instagram @thewilliamdanielauthor and on Facebook at Thewilliamdaniel

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