Eric Hoke - R.I.P. Church Planting
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Eric Hoke - R.I.P. Church Planting

This week on the pod we have Pastor Eric Hoke of All Saints Church in the Bronx, NYC. Eric is the planting pastor of All Saints Church. Eric also is a Covocational Church Planter and Proven Marketplace Professional specializing in Staffing & Corporate Training. He has worked with thousands of eager career changers from around the world including Church Planters, Missional Church Leaders and Pastors transitioning from ministry to break into the Corporate World to sustain their ministries.With a 15+ years of ministry experience, a Masters of Arts in Biblical Literature and a 3 year fellowship with Redeemer City to City under Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Eric understands Pastors and what it takes to lead a church in the modern world.A sought after international speaker, he has trained over 100K+ professionals from brands like Uber, American Express, Moderna, and Salesforce and is widely regarded in the corporate world with his contributions towards Workforce Development, Agile Project Management, Adult Learning & Leadership. He has guest lectured on the future of work at prestigious Universities, including MIT Sloan School of Management.His insights have been featured on podcasts, online and in print on platforms like Relevant Magazine, NewBreed Training and his NYC Church Plant story is featured in the book Next Wave: Discovering the 21st Century Church.As a certified Master Coach, he can help any Pastor with the problem of how-to-rebrand confusion and break into the Corporate World to supplement their income and build a ministry of sustainability for their families.

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