“A Worshiping and Witnessing People” Dan Kimball
The CGN International Conference MicrocastJune 04, 2024x
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“A Worshiping and Witnessing People” Dan Kimball

We are excited to have Dan Kimball sharing at the CGN International Conference June 23-26!

Dan Kimball’s session is titled “A Worshiping and Witnessing People.” From his assigned portion of 1 Peter, Dan explains that it is a deeper understanding of God, our salvation, Jesus, and the gospel, even amidst persecution and hardship, that should compel us to witness to others. As believers grow in faith and study Scripture, they develop a stronger desire to share their faith. Dan’s message also highlights the importance of both worshiping and evangelizing, stressing the need to clarify the true gospel and what it means to be a Christian in a world full of confusion. This calls for a greater focus on missions, a focus driven by a life of worship.

If you are looking to deepen your faith, live out your faith, and learn how to do that, this session is for you.

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