Colleen Norma Elliot, Part 2
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Colleen Norma Elliot, Part 2

Most Christians know of Colleen’s sister-in-law, Elisabeth Elliot, and her husband, Jim Elliot. However, very few know the story of Herbert Elliot, Jim’s brother, and his wife Colleen. Colleen is an amazing woman worth knowing!

In this episode, we learned about Colleen’s early years; how she met her husband; her education; and later how God led her and her husband into full-time ministry in the jungles of Peru. Colleen and her husband Herbert served God together for over sixty years, and chronicled their time together through voluminous correspondence.

Colleen’s story is a love story: first and foremost, her love for Jesus and her great commitment to Him; secondly, her love for Herbert (and his for hers); and thirdly, Colleen’s warmth and love for all the people she knew and ministered to.

  • Love So Amazing: The Missionary Biography of Bert and Colleen Elliott by Gilbert Gleason