Donaldina Cameron, Part 2
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Donaldina Cameron, Part 2

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At 920 Sacramento Street in San Francisco stands the Donaldina Mackenzie Cameron Mission House. For forty years this establishment was run by the courageous, compassionate, and captivating Donaldina Cameron. In her time at the home, she rescued somewhere around 3,000 women from abuse, human trafficking, and drugs. She also saw to the education, training, and welfare of every woman who was rescued or placed in her care. To her foes, Donaldina was known as the White Devil, but to the women she saved she was affectionately called Lo Mo or Old Mother. Dolly’s life was full of setbacks, tragedies, and triumphs.

  • Fierce Compassion by Kristin and Katheryn Wong
  • Rescuing Chinese Girls from the Sex Trade in 1900’s San Francisco by Julia McDonald