Katherine Ruth Beard
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Katherine Ruth Beard

Katherine was born on May 7, 1908. Katherine was born into a Christian home, but this did not exclude her from tragedy and hardship. By Katherine’s senior year of high school, she had lost both her parents. After receiving a short stipend from her parent’s estate, Katherine enrolled in college. There were not many options open in the 1920’s for young single woman who needed to support themselves. Katherine enrolled in a teacher’s college but found her heart was not there. Then she heard about Northwestern Bible College and her heart soared. Katherine moved to Minneapolis not knowing what the future had for her. While there her stipend ran out and Katherine worked as a maid and nanny for various families in Minneapolis.

While in college, her heart began to burn for the plight of native Americans. By chance she met a Christian man from the Hopi tribe. He told her about the need in Arizona, and Katherine felt her heart tug.

Many adventures awaited Katherine in Arizona when she moved there to live and minister among the native American tribes. God used Katherine mightily and her story is one of the highlights mentioned in the history books written about Flagstaff, Arizona.

  • Katherine Beard: Founder of Flagstaff Mission to the Navajos, By Julie McDonald