Mary Moffat Livingston, Part 2
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Mary Moffat Livingston, Part 2

While Robin was watching a movie about Dr. Livingstone (“I presume”), she was surprised to find out he had a wife. This prompted a deep dive into the life of Mary Moffat Livingstone.
Join Robin and Cheryl as they discuss the interesting life of Mary in two episodes.

Mary was raised in South Africa as the oldest daughter of Scottish missionaries. She became the lifelong companion of the famous missionary doctor and explorer, Dr. David Livingstone. Would you believe it was a lion that brought them together?
Mary was an accomplished linguist. She crossed the Kalahari desert twice, traveling 1,500 miles each time and doing so with small children. Her fifth child was born on the second journey. Nothing in her life turned out the way she expected, which is why this prayer, written by Mary, is so poignant: “Accept me, Lord, as I am, and make me such as Thou wouldst have me to be.”