Cultivating Bravery In Transition (featuring BrianJames & Michelle McMahon)
Life After MinistryJanuary 23, 2024x
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Cultivating Bravery In Transition (featuring BrianJames & Michelle McMahon)


This conversation explores the experiences of Brian James and Michelle McMahon as they transitioned out of vocational ministry and created safe spaces for pastors and church leaders. They discuss the challenges of being in ministry, the importance of vulnerability and authenticity, and the need for safe and supportive communities.

The conversation also touches on the role of female pastors and the redefinition of church. Overall, the discussion highlights the importance of cultivating trust and creating spaces where pastors can be brave and find healing.

They discuss the importance of connection and how Church Well Co helps pastors and ministers overcome isolation and the concept of bravery and how it can foster safety and support within communities.


  • Transitions out of vocational ministry can be challenging and painful, but they can also lead to new opportunities for growth and healing.

  • Creating safe spaces for pastors and church leaders is crucial for their well-being and the health of the church community.

  • Vulnerability and authenticity are essential in building trust and deepening relationships.

  • The role of female pastors in the church is important and should be valued and supported.

  • Church Well Co offers virtual groups and communities for pastors and ministers to overcome isolation.

  • Isolation is not limited to geographical boundaries, and Church Well Co also supports missionaries around the world.

  • Engaging bravely with others can create a sense of safety and trust.

  • Taking small steps of bravery can lead to meaningful connections and support.


00:00 - Introduction and Background

01:32 - Entering Ministry

03:07 - Transitions and Changes

04:17 - Personal Transitions Out of Ministry

07:03 - Creating Safe Spaces

10:49 - The Role of Female Pastors

12:19 - Redefining Church

14:27 - Creating Safe Spaces in the Church

20:13 - Life After Vocational Ministry

26:58 - Finding Purpose and Relevance

31:19 - Creating Safe Spaces for Pastors

36:20 - Cultivating Safety and Trust

42:17 - Hope for Those Longing for Authentic Relationships

45:57 - Connecting with Church Well Co

46:16 - Virtual Groups and Isolation

47:40 - Engaging Bravely