Essential Conversations For Your Board (featuring Dr. Dee Dee Mayer)
Life After MinistryFebruary 13, 2024x
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Essential Conversations For Your Board (featuring Dr. Dee Dee Mayer)


Dr. Dee Dee Mayer discusses the importance of board governance within the church and the need for training and support for governing boards. She shares her research on the role of elder boards in supporting wellness in pastoral leadership and the challenges they face. Dr. Mayer emphasizes the importance of selecting board members based on spiritual maturity and creating a culture of accountability and healthy conflict resolution. She provides nine essential conversations for governing boards to have, including defining culture, guiding principles for recruitment, and managing difficult leaders. Dr. Mayer highlights the need for proactive leadership to prevent church hurt and create a space for healing.


  • Board governance is crucial for supporting wellness in pastoral leadership and preventing leadership failure within the church.
  • Elder boards often lack training and preparation, leading to a disconnect between the board and the pastors they serve.
  • Selecting board members based on spiritual maturity and wisdom is essential for effective governance.
  • Creating a culture of accountability, healthy conflict resolution, and proactive leadership is necessary for preventing church hurt and promoting healing.


00:00 - Introduction and Background
01:00 - Heartbreak over Leadership Failure
02:23 - The Role of Governing Boards
03:17 - Lack of Training for Elder Boards
04:35 - The Need for a System
06:16 - Selecting Board Members Based on Spiritual Maturity
07:11 - Balancing Success and Spiritual Qualifications
08:21 - Creating Healthy Ways to Navigate Conflict
10:19 - Essential Conversations for Governing Boards
13:47 - Structuring Roles and Responsibilities
15:16 - Maintaining Healthy Leadership
16:44 - Taking Care of Pastors and Their Families
17:26 - Creating Systems of Accountability
18:16 - Navigating Concerns and Allegations
19:06 - Managing Difficult Leaders
21:39 - Reactivity vs Proactivity in Elder Boards
23:08 - The Responsibility of Holding the Church
26:43 - Preventing Church Hurt
28:35 - Focusing on the Culture and System