Facing And Forgiving Those Who Hurt You (featuring Ryan and Lindsay Gentles)
Life After MinistryNovember 14, 2023
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Facing And Forgiving Those Who Hurt You (featuring Ryan and Lindsay Gentles)

In "Facing And Forgiving Those Who Hurt You," the ninth episode of the Life After Ministry podcast, we’re invited into the world of Ryan and Lindsay Gentles. It's a tale of closing a decade-long chapter in ministry, of navigating farewells that feel more like eulogies than celebrations, and the struggle to exit gracefully without the dramatics of a "Jerry Maguire" moment.

What unfolds when silence is imposed, and the grief of leaving is a burden carried alone? How does a family find its way through the maze of loss, especially when young children are part of the equation, grappling with the concept of joblessness and churchlessness?

This episode touches the raw nerves of bitterness and isolation, but also of healing and forgiveness. It's about the courage to face those who've hurt you, the unexpected release found in forgiveness, and the profound wisdom earned through life's toughest battles.

And amidst the turbulence, we hear of Ryan's creative spirit, giving birth to his book published this year, "Did Jesus Wear Undies?" — answering questions his young children would ask and throwing a theological life raft to parents drowning in the curiosity of kids trying to figure it all out. 

Join us for an episode filled with raw emotion, hard-won wisdom, and the kind of deep, soulful wrestle that reshapes lives. We love Ryan and Lindsay Gentles and think you will too!

Find Ryan at ryangentles.com and Lindsay at True North. Buy the book, "Did Jesus Wear Undies?" here.