God Doesn't Waste Pain (featuring Dillon Fawcett)
Life After MinistryJanuary 29, 2024x
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God Doesn't Waste Pain (featuring Dillon Fawcett)


In this episode of the "Life After Ministry" podcast, Dillon Fawcett candidly shares his unique journey, transitioning from pastoral ministry and his entry point into the world of mental health counseling. With honesty and vulnerability, Dillon opens up about the ups and downs he experienced, the transitions that challenged him, and the invaluable lessons he's learned. His story is a powerful testament to the truth that life doesn't end after ministry – in fact, it can take on new, meaningful forms. Dillon's insights remind us that our pain and struggles are not in vain - they're instruments used by God to shape and refine us.


  • Post-Ministry Life: Transitioning out of ministry is challenging, yet it opens the door to new beginnings and avenues of purpose.

  • Transformative Pain: Our struggles and pain can be the very experiences that catalyze personal growth and transformation.

  • God's Refinement: God is intimately involved in our lives, using our challenges to refine our hearts and align us with His purpose.

  • Ministry in Many Forms: Ministry isn't confined to the pulpit – avenues like counseling can be just as impactful in serving and guiding others.

  • Joy and Trust in God: Finding joy and purpose in life's next chapter hinges on gratitude and a deep trust in God's overarching plan.


00:00 - Introduction and Dillon's Background
03:01 - Exploring Woodworking and Business Ventures
07:24 - Reflections on Pastoral Ministry
10:46 - The Emotional Landscape of Transitioning Out of Ministry
15:13 - Discovering Life and Purpose After Ministry
19:56 - Wilderness Lessons: Growth Amidst Challenges
22:44 - Supporting Others Facing Similar Transitions
26:06 - Unearthing Joy and Purpose in New Paths
29:20 - Continuing the Ministry Journey through Counseling
30:35 - Upcoming Projects and Podcast Plans
31:08 - Conclusion: Embracing the Journey Ahead