Ministry In The Military (featuring Chaplain Jordan Huggins)
Life After MinistryFebruary 21, 2024
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Ministry In The Military (featuring Chaplain Jordan Huggins)


In this episode of the Life After Ministry podcast, titled "Ministry In The Military," we explore a path that many pastors might not have considered: becoming a military chaplain. Our guest, Chaplain Jordan Huggins, shares his firsthand experience serving in both the US Air Force and Space Force. For pastors wrestling with "what's next?" Jordan's journey offers a compelling glimpse into a role where ministry skills are not just useful but vital.

Serving as a military chaplain brings unique challenges but also profound opportunities to support service members and their families through spiritual guidance and pastoral care. Jordan talks about what it takes to step into this role, the kind of impact you can expect to have, and why it's been fulfilling for him.

If you're at a crossroads in your ministry career, curious about military chaplaincy, or simply seeking a new avenue where your pastoral skills can make a difference, this conversation is for you. It's a straightforward look at an option that could be your next calling—a chance to serve those who serve.

Chaplain Jordan Huggins shares his journey from military to ministry and back to the military as a chaplain. He discusses the challenges and rewards of ministering to airmen and guardians, providing counseling and support in various situations. Chaplain Huggins also explains the process of becoming a military chaplain and offers guidance for those interested in pursuing this path. He emphasizes the importance of ministry beyond the walls of the church and the privilege of being with people on their worst days.


  • Transitioning from military to ministry and back to the military as a chaplain is a unique and fulfilling path.

  • Chaplains play a crucial role in providing counseling and support to military personnel, addressing their spiritual and emotional needs.

  • Becoming a military chaplain requires an MDiv degree or a master's degree in theology, religious studies, and endorsement from a denomination or faith group.

  • The process of joining as a chaplain takes about four to six months and involves a thorough evaluation of qualifications and physical fitness.

  • Ministry after ministry extends beyond the walls of the church and involves being present with people in their most challenging moments.


00:00 - Introduction and Background

01:28 - Transition from Military to Ministry

03:11 - Existential Crisis and Return to Faith

04:10 - Ministry Life and Experience

05:27 - Return to Military as a Chaplain

07:18 - Needs of Airmen and Guardians

08:43 - Counseling and Support for Military Personnel

10:04 - Becoming a Military Chaplain

13:10 - Process of Joining as a Chaplain

14:22 - Next Steps for Those Interested

15:17 - Ministry After Ministry

17:10 - Closing Remarks