Refined By The Fire(d) (featuring Kyle & Maria Isabelli)
Life After MinistryJanuary 10, 2024x
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Refined By The Fire(d) (featuring Kyle & Maria Isabelli)


Kyle and Maria Isabelli share their experience of being fired from their church ministry and the emotional impact it had on them. They discuss the process of being let go, the loss they felt, and the journey of healing and finding purpose again. Kyle wrote a book titled 'Refined by the Fired' to help others who have gone through similar experiences. They emphasize the importance of clear expectations and communication in ministry and the need for empathy and shepherding in leadership roles. Despite the challenges, they remain committed to ministry and continue to serve in their new roles.


  • Being fired from a church ministry can be a deeply emotional and challenging experience, resulting in a sense of loss and grief.
  • Clear expectations and communication are crucial in ministry to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.
  • Going through the process of being fired can lead to personal growth, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the needs of staff and ministry workers.
  • Finding purpose and healing after being fired requires reflection, processing pain, and relying on God's guidance and direction.


00:00 - Introduction and Background
01:00 - Transition into Ministry
03:44 - The Call to Ministry
05:40 - Transition Out of Ministry
07:49 - The Process of Being Let Go
09:49 - Emotional Impact and Loss
12:09 - Reflecting on the Experience
14:53 - Writing the Book
25:29 - Continuing in Ministry
30:13 - Book Release and Conclusion