128 - A Biblical Way to Make Disciples- with Alan Stoddard
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128 - A Biblical Way to Make Disciples- with Alan Stoddard

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Making disciples. It's a primary command of Christ for His church, but is rarely actually done. Most Christians have never been discipled by another believer, and most churches do not have a discipleship focus for new converts.  

Alan Stoddard believes that disciple making should be organic, should be reproduceable, and should use the Bible as its sole or primary curriculum. The result of this kind of discipleship is multiplication. 

In a six month period of time, if a disciple is active in 80-90% of the sessions, that disciple will be able to do the same for others. Thus, multiplication occurs. This is disciple-making with a purpose.

Too often, discipleship is a top-down process. We begin by bringing in the masses, then hope that some will rise to the level of learning and growing.

See this graph as an illustration: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q86Dvys-Fhk5TGaqBULpRWe1rXA8HZn2/view?usp=sharing.

To get an idea of what Bible driven discipleship might look like, check out these articles:




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