143- Meet Kevin Green ... and His Music
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143- Meet Kevin Green ... and His Music

Bill HoldridgeBill HoldridgeHost
Kevin Green is the founding pastor of Calvary Chapel in Fort Bragg, California. He's been serving there for 25 years. Kevin is passionate about Jesus, the scriptures, about teaching the whole counsel of God, about making disciples, and about the fellowship that he feels very privileged to be part of. He's also passionate about music. On that note (pun intended), Kevin has written, performed, and produced an incredible album of 21 songs, one song for each chapter of the gospel of John. Naturally, the album is entitled "Gospel of John." If you're like me (Bill Holdridge, show host), you're curious about a song's origin, how it was written, and why. We talk about some of that in this episode. Kevin sings all vocals except for the John chapter 4 selection, "The Well" (sung by his daughter Sarah Thurber). He also does almost all the instrumentation. And did we mention, you'll love the eclectic nature of Kevin's music! But he didn't, by any means, do the album alone. Along with the Helper's help, Kevin was aided by his three daughters, by Calvary Chapel pastors Les Boek and Chris Vanover, and by other wonderful musicians from his family and long list of friends. The album can be listened to for free at thegospelofjohnproject.com. There one can find the songs, the lyrics, the credits, and other interesting information. This is a serious contribution to the world of scripture to song music that exists out there. I doubt you will have encountered anything quite like it. _______________________ For Kevin’s teaching: ccfortbragg.com ▪ For The Gospel of John Project: thegospelofjohnproject.com. You can listen for free and also find the lyrics and credits. ▪ To purchase the album, just go to the iTunes store: https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-gospel-of-john/1684762031. ▪ For CDs, contact Kevin at pkinfortbragg@gmail.com. --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/bill-holdridge/support