150- Frontlines Ministry- Called to Be the Church (with Jack Arnold)
Strength for Today's PastorOctober 03, 2023x
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150- Frontlines Ministry- Called to Be the Church (with Jack Arnold)

SFTP Podcast number 150 focuses on how a ministry which is considered a frontlines ministry must first of all, be a healthy ministry. There must be the life of Jesus, the light of Jesus, and also the love of Jesus.

Today I’ll be speaking with Pastor Arnold, who ministers right in the thick of the ongoing cultural and spiritual rebellion against God which is so prevalent in these times in which we live.

Jack pastors Calvary Chapel Mt. Si, in North Bend, Washington. North Bend is only about 30 miles S.E. of Seattle. That part of Washington is known for its strong leftist leanings and politics, and is not typically fertile ground for the gospel.

Yet, the church in Mt. Si is thriving, and even though they've lost approximately 70 families—many of whom have relocated to more conservative, family friendly environs.

How has the Lord led Jack and his leadership team to equip the church to be the church of Jesus Christ?

Hear Jack's story. It's going to encourage and challenge you, that is a certainty.

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May the Lord revive His work in the midst of these years!