152- The God I Won't Believe In (with Nick Cady)
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152- The God I Won't Believe In (with Nick Cady)

In episode 152, Bill Holdridge sits down with pastor Nick Cady of White Fields Community Church in Longmont, Colorado. The topic is the backstory of Nick's book, The God I Won't Believe In.

How would you complete this sentence, “I could never believe in a God who…?”

In 2019, Nick Cady asked the Internet that very question. The responses, along with other research, highlighted nine common themes – topics which people say make it hard for them to embrace Christianity. What began as a nine-week series of messages addressing these barriers, quickly became the most popular, most requested series on Nick's podcasts, church website, radio program, and even on USB drives in the church bookstore. This book is the culmination of those requests, research, and feedback – adapted as a resource to help you, your friends and family through some of the most difficult questions about God and the Bible.

Every pastor knows, we humans are all subject to struggles of various kinds. Even those who already believe in Christ can sometimes struggle with and question things about God, Christianity, and the Bible.

The book aims to help the struggler move from doubt, questions, and unbelief to a strengthened faith and belief in the true God of the Bible. It's also an equipping tool for pastors and congregants, to help the helpers as thy assist friends and family members who struggle with some of these questions.

The interview brings insight into the need for this kind of apologetics.

Topics Nick addresses include:

A God Who Condones Genocide

A God Who Says Some Love Is Wrong

A God Who Lets Bad Things Happen To Good People

A God Who Doesn't Answer My Prayers

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