A Calling Greater Than Ministry (featuring Thom Van Dycke)
Life After MinistryDecember 19, 2023x
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A Calling Greater Than Ministry (featuring Thom Van Dycke)


Tom Dyke shares his journey from ministry to starting his own business. He discusses his background in Manitoba, Canada, and his various roles in ministry, including being a youth pastor and overseeing family ministries. Tom initiated his departure from ministry due to challenges within the church and found a new calling in marketing and storytelling. He shares his financial success in his new business and challenges the poverty mindset often associated with pastors. Tom emphasizes the importance of family and creating lasting memories, and how his relationship with money has evolved. He also discusses how his pastoral skills continue to impact his interactions in the business world.


  • There is life after ministry, and it can be fulfilling and successful.

  • Transitioning from ministry to a new career or business requires adaptability and a willingness to learn new skills.

  • Having a healthy relationship with money is important, and pastors should not feel guilty about financial success.

  • Identifying and pursuing one's true calling and purpose can provide a sense of fulfillment and guide career decisions.

  • Pastoral skills, such as building relationships and listening, can be valuable in various professional settings.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Background

  • 01:11 Living in Manitoba, Canada

  • 02:11 Roles in Ministry

  • 04:33 Last Day in Ministry

  • 08:47 Transition to Business

  • 12:30 Financial Perspective and Relationship with Money

  • 16:09 Calling and Purpose

  • 20:01 Life After Ministry and Creating Memories

  • 22:32 Incorporating Pastoral Skills in Business

  • 27:01 Conclusion: Life After Ministry is Good

Thom Van Dycke fractional Chief Growth Officer for solopreneurs. After 19 years as a pastor, he launched his business at the height of the pandemic in 2020 and grew it to six figures in the first year. He believes that to truly engage with our ideal audience we need to leverage the power of storytelling.

Thom is married to Tara and they have 7 children. They are both advocates for foster and adoption and have welcomed 30 foster children into their home since 2011.

Connect with Thom at:


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thom-van-dycke/

StoryBrand: https://marketingmadesimple.com/ThomVanDycke