Don’t Burn Out, Burn Bright (featuring Jonathan Malm)
Life After MinistryNovember 30, 2023x
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Don’t Burn Out, Burn Bright (featuring Jonathan Malm)

In this episode of the Life After Ministry podcast, we tackle a critical issue that often serves as a catalyst for pastoral transitions: burnout. While our mission at Pastoral Transitions is to support ministry leaders in their journey out of ministry, we're equally passionate about preventing burnout to keep our church leaders healthy, strong, and vibrant.

Joining us is Jonathan Malm, co-author of "Don't Burn Out, Burn Bright," a book offering practical wisdom on avoiding the pitfalls that lead many in ministry to prematurely press the eject button. Jonathan's insights are not just theories - they are lifelines drawn from his experience and deep understanding of the unique pressures faced by those in ministry.

Burnout is more than just a buzzword - it's a reality that can deeply impact one’s spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Jonathan's approach to tackling this issue is both proactive and empowering. His book has strategies and principles that can transform the way pastors approach their calling, ensuring they can serve with longevity and joy.

Discover more about Jonathan and his impactful work at Don't Burn Out, Burn Bright. His insights extend beyond the pages of his book, as he continues to inspire and educate through his engaging Instagram account. Follow him at @jonathanmalm for a regular dose of humor, encouragement, and practical advice.

This episode is an essential listen for anyone in ministry seeking to navigate the demanding landscape of pastoral work without losing their spark. Let's dive into how we can keep our ministry leaders burning bright, not burning out.