Grieving Our Own Losses (featuring Dan Broyles)
Life After MinistryDecember 11, 2023x
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Grieving Our Own Losses (featuring Dan Broyles)


In this episode, Pastor Dan Broyles discusses the challenges pastors face when seeking counseling and the importance of grieving their own losses. He also highlights the need for pastors to connect with others outside their church community and provides hope for those in times of transition.

Our guest, Dan Broyles, wears two significant hats – that of a Care Pastor and a licensed Christian therapist. Known for his profound ability to offer solace, Dan is the go-to person for pastors across the region seeking guidance and support.

In this episode, we dive into a less-discussed aspect of pastoral life: the accumulation of losses that ministry leaders endure. From the emotional weight of their congregants' struggles to their own personal challenges, pastors carry a heavy load. Dan emphasizes the crucial yet often neglected practice of grieving one's own losses. He explains the importance of acknowledging and processing these experiences, not just for the health of the pastor but for the well-being of their ministry.

Dan's insights shed light on why self-care isn't just advisable for pastors – it's essential. He discusses why counseling isn’t just for their congregation but is a vital resource for pastors themselves. With his unique perspective as both a pastor and a therapist, Dan offers invaluable advice on navigating the emotional toll of ministry while maintaining personal and spiritual health.

To learn more about Dan Broyles' work and access resources for pastoral care, visit and Valencia Hills Community Church located about an hour north of downtown Los Angeles.

  • Pastors often struggle to seek counseling within their own church community due to fear of judgment or misunderstanding.
  • Grieving one's own losses is an essential part of the pastoral journey, but many pastors neglect this process.
  • Pastors can find support and understanding by connecting with other pastors who have experienced similar challenges.
  • It is important for pastors to prioritize their own needs and seek connections outside their church community.
Chapters 00:00 - Seeking Counseling in the Church 03:07 - The Role of a Pastor and Therapist 05:26 - Experiencing a Transition in Ministry 07:51 - The Difficulty of Grieving in Ministry 10:44 - Pastors Seeking Help from Other Pastors 13:04 - Providing Hope in Times of Transition 15:30 - The Loyalty Issue in Pastoral Transitions 17:25 - The Importance of Connecting Outside the Church 19:18 - Closing Remarks