Life After Ministry - An Introduction
Life After MinistryAugust 07, 202302:003.67 MB

Life After Ministry - An Introduction

Change is inevitable, especially in our careers.

For those who have devoted their lives to the profound call of ministry, transitioning away can seem not just like a change of job, but a seismic shift in identity and purpose. But it's essential to remember: transitions in ministry can also be immensely positive and lead to vibrant new beginnings. And while there are undoubted challenges and heartaches, there's also hope, rejuvenation, and tales of transitions that have unfolded beautifully.

'Life After Ministry' dives into this intricate and often overlooked journey. Hosts Matt and Marilee Davis, who've weathered the complexities of this change themselves, open up about their experiences and introduce listeners to others who've walked the same path. Their stories range from those of struggle and rediscovery to those where transitions were embraced with joy and anticipation.

And don't worry, this isn’t a space for bitterness or blame. Matt and Marilee firmly believe in the beauty and purpose of the church. While they address the challenges faced by those leaving ministry roles, they do so with an unwavering faith that, in the end, Jesus loves His church, and she will emerge splendid and radiant.

If you've ever felt the tremors of significant life change or understand the profound journey of starting anew, 'Life After Ministry' is your companion in understanding, healing, and hope. This isn't just a podcast; it's a heartfelt invitation into a community that knows, understands, and walks with you.