The Difference Between Hurt & Injury (featuring Shane McDonald)
Life After MinistryOctober 10, 2023x
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The Difference Between Hurt & Injury (featuring Shane McDonald)

Just mentioning "church hurt" will hit home for many of you. It’s baffling. The very place we'd expect to find solace and healing often turns out to be a source of deep wounds. If this resonates with you, you're not alone, and this episode is a must-listen.

Our guest, Shane McDonald, a licensed mental health counselor and former pastor, knows all too well what it's like to transition from serving in a ministry to a therapeutic setting. When he shared that a staggering 90% of his clients are dealing with some form of "church hurt," it was a wake-up call we couldn't ignore.

But here's where Shane left us hanging on every word: He draws a fine line between "hurt" and "injury," and that got us seriously pondering. It's not just about acknowledging the pain, it's about understanding its depth and impact on our spiritual and emotional health.

So, whether you've personally felt the sting of "church hurt" or you know someone who has, tune in to this intimate and insightful episode. Shane McDonald doesn't just expose the problem; he offers the kind of wisdom that can spark healing.

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