The Holy Mess Of Pastoral Transitions (featuring Josh Harris)
Life After MinistrySeptember 15, 2023x
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The Holy Mess Of Pastoral Transitions (featuring Josh Harris)

Episode 4 of the Life After Ministry Podcast is a replay of a conversation Matt Davis had on Josh Harris's podcast, "Clear and Loud."

Entitled "The Holy Mess of Pastoral Transitions," this episode dives deep into the complexities that come with leaving a role in ministry.

With over two decades of experience as a Teaching and Executive Pastor, Matt shares the hard lessons learned during his own exit from pastoral service.

The episode answers crucial questions like:

  • Why are pastoral transitions uniquely painful?
  • How does a shift in roles impact one's family?
  • And why do so many pastors feel the need to leave their church community altogether?

Through this talk, we hope that you find healing, whatever or wherever you journey finds you today.