Transition Can Be ’Brutiful’ (featuring Justin and Amanda McNeil)
Life After MinistrySeptember 26, 2023x
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Transition Can Be ’Brutiful’ (featuring Justin and Amanda McNeil)

We sat down with Justin and Amanda McNeil at the American Association of Christian Counselors conference, and their story is nothing short of compelling.

What sets their story apart is its testament to the notion that transitions out of vocational ministry don't have to be filled with negativity or go horribly wrong. In fact, their journey illustrates that even the most complex shifts can be navigated with grace, hope, and what they call "brutiful" resilience.

Justin and Amanda take us on a ride from their earliest days meeting in kids' church to their committed years serving as pastors, and onto a new, unexpected chapter as therapists. This episode peels back the layers on what it means to transition well, offering both the challenges and rewards that come with embracing change. You'll hear not just about the difficulties, but also the beautiful moments of discovery, transformation, and renewed purpose that can exist in life after ministry.

Don't miss this episode if you're interested in understanding how transitions can be thoughtfully navigated, how a new calling can emerge from the old, and how the spirit of service can flourish outside traditional church settings. Justin and Amanda's compelling story serves as a beacon of light, demonstrating that there is not only life after ministry but also meaningful work that continues to fulfill a divine purpose.

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