When Heartbreak Redefines Ministry (featuring Clayton Stenson)
Life After MinistryDecember 23, 2023x
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When Heartbreak Redefines Ministry (featuring Clayton Stenson)


Clayton Stenson shares his journey of transitioning from ministry to a new career and finding hope and purpose in life after ministry. He discusses his background in ministry, the challenges he faced, and the support he received during a difficult time of grief and loss. Clayton also highlights the transferable skills he gained from his ministry experience and how they have helped him succeed in his current role. He encourages others who are going through similar transitions to seek support and embrace new opportunities.


  • Transitioning from ministry to a new career can be challenging but also rewarding.

  • Grief and loss can have a significant impact on one's life and ministry.

  • Transferable skills gained from ministry, such as leadership, vision casting, and building systems, can be valuable in other professions.

  • Finding support and community during times of transition is crucial for healing and growth.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Background

  • 03:37 Entering Ministry

  • 08:25 Leaving Ministry

  • 12:11 Transitioning to a New Career

  • 18:11 Transferable Skills from Ministry

  • 21:30 Identity and Perspective

  • 23:42 Encouragement and Hope

  • 24:31 Reaching Out for Support

  • 25:23 Conclusion

Clayton Stenson is an innovator in the business coaching space. He is a former Pastor who made the shift to the marketplace 8 years ago. An operations expert, Clayton works with faith-driven construction and trades companies with $5-15 million in revenue that have hit a ceiling. He comes alongside the visionary owner and their leadership team to help them make their vision a reality. Often these visionaries are frustrated, tired, and are feeling discouraged that their business may never be able to run without them. They usually have made some progress toward this goal, but they need some help to get over the hump. Clayton helps them either through coaching or through fractional services.

Clayton has also developed a powerful program to help visionaries and their second-in-commands find unity and leverage their opposite skill sets to develop the company that they dream of. The two of them have an incredible opportunity to work together, but because they are so different, they can have a hard time getting and staying on the same page. Clayton's Unity Rock Program is proven to get the most out of their Visionary/Second-in-Command relationship.

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