Your Mental Health After Ministry (featuring Noe Rivera)
Life After MinistrySeptember 14, 2023x
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Your Mental Health After Ministry (featuring Noe Rivera)

In Episode 3 of the Life After Ministry Podcast, we talk to Noe Rivera, a key member of the founding team behind Pastoral Transitions.

Growing up as a pastor's kid, Noe intimately understands the emotional toll that ministry transitions can take on families.

Titled "Mental Health After Ministry," this episode dives into Noe's missionary years and the shifts that followed, laying the groundwork for his current role as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).

Noe specializes in aiding individuals exiting vocational ministry, guiding them toward heart clarity and helping them attune to God's voice.

Don't miss this episode full of hard-earned wisdom and spiritual insights.